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Metta Mats

"Optimystics Journey 2.0" Yoga Mat

"Optimystics Journey 2.0" Yoga Mat

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Description & Demo Video

-Made-by-hand in Philadelphia by Metta Mats - Ships in 3-5 business days for free in the US.

-Our mats are the most vibrant artwork available on a yoga mat.

-Unique, proprietary surface grips in all environments, dry or sweaty.

-5 lbs; 72” long; 26.25” wide; 3.5 mm thick.

Materials Used

  • The mat surface has a grippy, canvas-like texture - our proprietary blend of glycol, polypropylene, and silica - all recognized as safe materials. The durable and translucent surface protects and accentuates the details of the artwork on the mat.
  • The mat's base is made from high-density natural tree rubber
  • 5 lbs; 72” long; 26.25” wide; 3.5 mm thick
  • Completely free of any PVC or any other toxic materials


  • Sustainability: The mats are very durable and last through years of consistent use. Longevity is a very important factor in assessing environmental impact.
  • Grip: Our mats are made to grip when both wet and dry and are great for all disciplines of yoga, including hot yoga.
  • Waterproof: The mat is completely waterproof. Sweat can easily be rinsed off the mat.
  • Improves With Use: Your mat will reward you with more use! The surface of the mat will get softer and grippier with more use.
  • UV-Proof: The mat is UV-proof and can withstand prolonged sun exposure
  • Joint Protection: The mat’s surface distributes weight to the rubber base below for proper joint protection and versatility on carpet, cement or hardwood floors.
  • Easy-to-Clean: Simply wipe down with soap or vinegar or any other natural cleaning product or spray off with a hose. For more detail, please see the “Use and Care” section on our About Us Page.
  • Made With Care: Every mat we made is done start to finish by us, with an artisanal dedication to quality.
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