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Disc Golfs

Disc Golfs

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We've teamed up with our friends at Gateway Disc Sports to bring you some of the dopest disc golfs!

Featuring three different artworks by Chris Dyer: Kundalini Rising, Robo Sun and Taita Inti!

Available in various plastic blend materials and mold styles.

Diamond is a high-grade material providing the best durability and grip of any discs on the market. 
Platinum blend produces discs with slightly more dome than Diamond while also maintaining excellent grip. The dome provides more lift which greatly increases glide. 



Blade - The Blade is an overstable fairway driver that is the perfect option for players looking for a steady resistance to turn and a consistent finish. These are nice and flat, ideal for heavy forehand and power flex shots.
Chief OS - The overstable version of the Chief holds a super accurate hyzer line, making it ideal for drives and approaches that need to fade hard and sit down at the end of a shot. Also perfect for forehand drives and approaches.

Element - The Element is a fantastic all around mid-range. This disc will hold any angle you throw with unbelievable glide. If you throw it flat it will go extremely straight with very little fade at the end of its flight. Anhyzers will keep turning, and hard-thrown hyzers will flip up to flat.

Prophecy - The Prophecy is a low-profile overstable mid-range that feels comfortable in the hand and fires fast from the fingers. This disc will never leave you short of your target with its consistent flight, lofty glide and predictable fade. We are confident that it will bring immediate improvement to your game and remain a staple in your bag for years to come.
Shaman - The Shaman features a flat 25 degree nose and no bead on the rim. The throw dictates the flight path. It will hold any line you release it on with pinpoint accuracy.

Warlock - This beadless putter is dead-straight and stable out of the box with a later low-speed fade when thrown hard. You will also find the Warlock to be a great putter to improve your approach game.

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