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Teaken "Rosckopp Remix" Skateboard Deck

Teaken "Rosckopp Remix" Skateboard Deck

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We've teamed up with Teaken custom crafted teak grips to bring you this wall art that you can shred!
"Rosckopp Remix"  Skateboard Deck- artwork by Chris Dyer 

Limited edition of 10!

Deck: SHREDDER, 28.75"x 8.75"x 13.9"WB.

Construction: 7-ply/layer pure Canadian maple. Top & bottom layer in black stain. Epoxy resin glue (stronger, waterproof, corrosion resistant).

Printing: UV printing graphic on the bottom layer. More vivid colour. Matte clear coating outside the deck surface, to protect the printing and deck.

Old school single kick style deck. Cruiser, park or bowl deck depending on setup. 

The Teak has been laser cut and engraved then heat moulded and laid onto the deck like a normal grip. Gives a functional skate grip with awesome 3d graphics/art!

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